Please check back over the next few months! We’ll add more information as we have it.

rooted us

*You* are striving to create a more liberated world for all people, practicing collaborative and intentional community, engaged in anti-oppression work, engaged in grassroots work, excited to learn new things, ready to share a workshop or game or doodle or snacks, and can handle basic agreements to do things like caretake each other and the space.

*We* are a couple of collaborators working for children’s rights and education nonprofits (Friends of the Modern School and Agile Learning Center) who felt a whole bunch of awe and potential among our networks of inspiring change-makers sooo we picked some dates and rented a space. We’re not sure what it’ll look like, only that it’ll be as awesome as you are. 💜🖤

free, volunteer-run & hands-on unconference

Come join us in New York City, over the weekend of June 21-23, 2019 for an unconference focusing on practical application of anti-oppressive community building. There will be no admission charge and the entire unconference is being run by volunteers. Register, propose a workshop, and find out how you can help out.

Friday, June 21:

Check out radical spaces around the city!

We’ll keep updating this list, but projects planning open houses so far include:
* Agile Learning Center
* Brooklyn Apple Academy
* Interference Archive

Saturday, June 22  +  Sunday, June 23:

Join us at the Sixth Street Community Center to co-create an unconference!

No idea what’ll end up on the schedule, but offerings so far include:
* sessions of discussing books like Emergent Strategy and Anarchist Pedagogies
* trading vegan recipes
* making art
* sharing music
* trading facilitation tools
* and more!

If you’re new to the concept, unconferences are structured to provide opportunity for all participants to have a voice in a flat organizational gathering, as opposed to the typical hierarchical top-down structure of a conventional conference (see Wikipedia for more!)

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